Danielle is an accomplished experiential visionary with an execution mindset. 


She moved to Austin in 2004 to work for SXSW before starting her own event company in 2006, which she built independently from the ground up and became a consistent go-to for some of the world's most recognizable brands and agencies.

Her credibility, network, and experience come from being at the heart of event culture for over fifteen years. Dani began her freelance career as an artist manager and club promoter. In 2007, she was recruited by Red Bull to strengthen their efforts in live music events and marketing. One year later, at the age of 27, she became the Director of Entertainment for Red Bull’s largest live music event to date, Red Bull Moon Tower.

From there she transitioned into event production and experiential marketing, where she focused full-time for over a decade working with brands like Facebook, Comedy Central, Dos Equis, Netflix, TBS, Eventbrite, X Games, Marvel, HomeAway, and Pandora.


In 2019 she accepted the role of Director of Events for Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas after serving as their Director of the Rolling Roadshow for two years. She grew the Rolling Roadshow from a dwindling rental business into an expansive portfolio of events that garnered international attention and that became a cornerstone of the brand's identity and marketing.


As Director of Events she spearheaded some of Alamo's most famous events like JAWS on the Water and brought to life countless projects with an impressive list of prominent partners and celebrities including Marvel, YouTube, A24, NEON, Warner Bros, Universal, Paramount, Alec Baldwin, Anna Kendrick, Neil Patrick Harris, Duplass Brothers, William Shatner, Marky Ramone, Richard Linklater, Bryan Cranston, Val Kilmer, Cameron Crowe, and Willie Nelson.


She led large scale events, tours, and client activations across the country from conception and development to completion. 
Her small team produced 40 public, private, and corporate events between March - October annually with 30,000+ people in attendance


Often called a "Swiss Army Knife" by her clients, Danielle brings ideas to life with tenacity and is an invaluable asset for anyone she works with.

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